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The show is a light-hearted story about common human interactions. The bench of the title represents the random, mundane encounters we experience throughout our lives: on public transport, in the street or at a restaurant. This play highlights these imperceptible duels, the subtle battles we engage in everyday: for a window seat on the train, a free table in the non-smoking area or a restaurant table with a nicer view, out of the draught. Those kind of situations which we witness constantly in public inspired this funny tale of two strangers who bump into each other on… a bench in the park. The initial awkwardness stemming from the unwanted presence of a “neighbor”, the sly glances and the mutual distaste, all come to an absurd climax resulting in surprising conclusion.

Duration: 25 minutes

Direction, costumes and selection of music: Justyna Wójcik

Choreography and performers: Agnieszka Kuczmowska, Aleksandra Nowakowska, Justyna Wójcik

Stage set: Adam Wójcik

Premiere: 26 sierpnia 2016


"The Bench"

T E A T R     M I G R O