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About the theatre

T E A T R     M I G R O  

The group was established in Kraków in 2019 at the initiative of Monika Kozłowska and Justyna Wójcik. The Migro Theatre performers, professionally linked to the KTO Theatre and inspired by its artistic projects, combine the experience gained there with the themes they find interesting and with their own artistic research.

Acting space for the Migro Theatre’s productions is found in streets, squares and green areas of small towns and large cities. Its wordless shows are built upon gesture, dance and mimicry – a theatre language that comes across to each and every viewer. The name ”Migro” bears reference to the migratory character of street theatre and at the same time it emphasises the subjects of the group’s artistic exploration – migrating communities, random encounters in our everyday life.

During its four seasons, the theatre has performed in France, Romania, Lithuania, Serbia, Slovakia, as well as at major festivals in Poland.


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