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Gypsies, the Romany, the Kalderash, the Lovari, the Roma… do you know who they are and where they come from? What are their traditions? How did they live once and how do they live now?

DROM is a poetic philosophical tale about migration and history of the Roma – the ethnic group that inhabits nearly all countries of the world and about which we know very little. The axis of the narrative of this show without words is built on the Roma music from various countries of the world – from lively swing to melancholic violin tunes, from czardas to flamenco.

Duration: 50'


Script, direction and selection of music: Monika Kozłowska

Choreography: Aleksander Kopański

Flamenco choreography: Bogumiła Delimata

Stage set and costumes: Joanna Jaśko-Sroka

Performers: Anna Jedlikowska, Paulina Lasyk, Justyna Orzechowska/Magdalena Pamuła, Grażyna Srebrny-Rosa, Justyna Wójcik, Zofia Szyrajew, Sławomir Bendykowski, Jan Niemczyk, Aleksander Kopański, Michał Orzyłowski, Adam Plewiński


Special thanks to Jerzy Zon and The KTO Theatre, Edyta Jaskowiak and Teresa Mirga.

Premiere 21.06.2019

"DROM - on the Paths of the Roma"

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